Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement

At Nutraferon, we believe that quality is the outcome of each of our humanitarian efforts taken within our organisation along with the blessing from above. Our group has implemented total quality management (TQM), a management discipline and philosophy that formalises deliberate and ongoing improvement. We also emphasise that all departments and employees must participate in the improvement process, and that improvements should also be focused on systems and procedures rather than just individuals.


The Nutraferon management acknowledges that it is the company’s objective to manufacture health and wellness supplements that adhere to the appropriate product standard requirements stated by the company and also should be safe and reliable for the mankind. “The company’s policy is to achieve globally acclaimed standardised quality using the most effective mass production technology harnessed through a committed production team in a peaceful industrial environment in accordance with the adopted Quality Management System Standards and applicable Regulations for the market being catered by Nutraferon and then to offer it for the benefit of the mankind at a price any other local manufacturer will find it difficult to match,”

Procedures and Guidelines

Our policy is to continuously work to increase the efficacy of the Quality Management System over and above the requirements set out by the pertinent product standard specifications that the company has accepted. It is company policy that in the occurrence of a customer complaint or reported defect, The Top Management will use all reasonable efforts to promptly address the complaint and make amends for the customer’s loss by arranging for a free replacement of the rejected goods or reaching some other amicable agreement because, at the end of the day, we are working to serve humanity, so customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Goals and Objectives

It is the policy of Nutraferon to:

This quality policy provides a framework for establishing, monitoring, evaluating, and achieving our policies, initiatives, and objectives.
This policy is posted on the Company Notice Board and can also be found in the staff handbook.
All employees receive training to ensure that they are aware of quality & human values, how it influences serving people with joy and delight, and how to satisfy the wonderful creation of this world.
The policy review date is 27/02/2023.

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